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  • The Town replaced the street lamps with new ones that could hold large hanging flower baskets.  The West Concord Beautification Committee raised money to purchase 50 hanging baskets and coordinated the hanging of the baskets with the DPW.

  • The first project in 2008 was the design and planting of the entrance garden to Fowler Library. 

The History of West Concord Green Thumbs


Local gardeners, business owners, and organizations have worked together to beautify West Concord Village over the past 25 years.


  • Bob Moran, a local auto dealer, made a donation to improve West Concord Center by planting sidewalk trees.

  • West Concord residents worked with the town manager to push forward the planting of these trees and the West Concord Beautification Committee was formed.

  • In the late 1990s the Town received State funds to improve Main Street, including the removal of large shade trees. Small roadside gardens were planted by the Beautification Committee in collaboration with the Concord Department of Public Works (DPW).




  • In July 2008 the first meeting brought together volunteers to beautify West Concord’s public garden spaces. The name was changed to West Concord Green Thumbs (WCGT).

  • The group took over supporting Mandrioli Mini Park,  Kenny Dunn Memorial Garden  at the intersection of Commonwealth and Laws Brook, and the small triangular Crest Street garden.

  • When Junction Park was redesigned by the Town there was a strong collaboration with the WCGT.

  • A strong partnership exists between WCGT, the Town of Concord, community organizations and businesses.

  • The group has grown to over 60 members and we maintain and help improve five public gardens and continue to purchase hanging baskets.



Read the whole article for a detailed history of WCGT.  It was written by Lucinda Duncan in the fall of 2017.

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