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Support Us

Thank you so much for supporting the West Concord Green Thumbs! Your donations allow us to

continue the work we do to keep West Concord Village blooming. We use donations to:

  • Purchase about 50 hanging flower baskets in West Concord Village.

  • Maintain our 5 gardens (including adding new plants and flowers, mulching and fertilizing):

Crest Street Triangle

Fowler Library

Junction Square Park

Kenny Dunn Square

Mandrioli Park

  • Plan more gardens around West Concord.

  • Serve our community by hosting gardening lectures.

  • Promote new ways to enhance the beauty of West Concord gardens.

  • Cooperate with other organizations in furthering the interests of gardening and conservation.

Donate online using Paypal


Download a Donation Form and send it, along with your check payable to

“West Concord Green Thumbs”, to the address below.

There are 2 ways to donate:

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