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Who are the Green Thumbs? 

  • 45 people who enjoy working together to make West Concord Center look beautiful.

What does a member do?  Here are some options:

  • Attend four meetings a year where you get acquainted, offer your perspectives, and make friends.
  • Help out at least an hour or two for the Spring and Fall Garden Clean-Up workdays.       

 But really, there are only two absolute commitments:

  • Pay $10 dues annually to get on our email lists. See our Join Us page for more details on becoming a member.
  • Commit to sign up and complete two weeks of maintenance throughout the growing season. (May-October)
  • We’ll pair you with someone experienced, to “show you the ropes.”
  • We’ll thank you, most genuinely, for fulfilling your commitment.
  • If you have questions about signing up, or about changing your time slot send us some (e)mail.

Why should I bother to do gardening for West Concord?

  • Our goal is to make West Concord a beautifully tended center of gardens and activities.
  • You’re going to feel so happy about how good the space looks, when you and your partner complete your week(s) of maintenance,       
  • The two week gardening commitment is a core requirement.  We can’t handle all these spaces without YOUR help!

Who do I turn to for help, and who will thank me?

  • Every garden we maintain (including the Hanging Baskets) has a Garden Oversight Coordinator. These people will answer your questions, help you with things you’re not sure about, and we all will thank you at our last meeting of the year, the well-attended Potluck Dinner in late September, when we review the gardening year.

Your help will be a tremendous contribution to how our side of town looks.  Please know your efforts will be appreciated.

Leadership Roles

The following roles are set up in the September meeting. 
  • President 
  • Vice President 
  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer  


Members are encouraged to join one of these committees or suggest other ways in which they might help. All members vote yearly at the September meeting. Committees include: 
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Gardening/Summer Maintenance 
  • Fundraising
  • Thank You Notes Committee
  • Publicity
  • Membership
  • Planning & Design
  • Nominating and Feedback
  • Hospitality


Gardening Opportunities: Committee Descriptions
Hanging Basket Committee (3-8 people)

This committee decides which flowers will go in the lovely hanging baskets in the downtown area and they work with the chosen vendor who supplies the baskets. They also contact the Minute Man Arc folks, and coordinate with the town, who handle the watering and fertilizing of these baskets during our summer months.

Gardening/Summer Maintenance Committee (2 people, supported by all members)
This committee creates an on-line sign-up sheet. Members sign up for two slots over the summer to maintain our gardens for a week. The Maintenance Schedule on the Members portion of this website records who is responsible for which week, so that everyone can see the assignments. The committee is also responsible for sending out reminder emails to remind people when their maintenance slot is and to describe what needs to be done.

Fundraising Committee (4-8 people)
Each Spring we mount a 6 week fund-raising drive. The Fundraising Committee solicits funds from past donors and thinks creatively on how to expand solicitations for the coming year. This may include attending local events to promote the group, creating and distributing flyers at local stores and writing Concord Journal articles for specific events.

Thank You Notes Committee
This small committee writes thank you notes to our donors and thank you letters to the Journal. 

Publicity Committee (2 or more people)
This committee is in charge of promoting WCGT meetings and events. They submit captioned photos to the Concord Journal as well as write-ups about our membership drive and upcoming events. They also produce leaflets for special programs.

Membership Committee (2 people)
This committee works to attract, welcome, assist, mentor and thank about 10-15 members each year. They host event for new members and provide on-going support.

Planning and Design Committees (many people)
New this year, there will be 1 Planning and Design Committee for each of our 5 gardens. Each committee will have about 4-5 volunteers. They will decide what has worked, what is not working and what changes they wish to make to their garden.

Nominating and Feedback Committee
In late Spring and early Summer this committee phones all of the our members to get feedback on their experiences and suggestions for the future. In addition they invite everyone to volunteer in the coming year.

Hospitality Committee
This committee helps with snack and set-up for our meetings and programs.

To join a committee, please express your interest at our next meeting, or email us