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History and Activities

The WCGT began in June 2008 when a group of W. Concord, MA residents got together to see if it would be possible to form a group that could help the town maintain, enhance and add new garden spaces in West Concord as well as to help maintain present public garden spaces.

Since we first met in the conference room at Concord Park in July 2008, we've decided on several gardens to maintain, namely Mandrioli Park, Junction Park, Crest and Main triangle and the Fowler Library front walk garden. We've added the Kenny Dunn Square garden in the last year.  In addition, another goal was established to raise funds for the lovely hanging baskets in the downtown area.

We are not a typical garden club, as we usually meet in the evenings, just 4 meetings a year and we keep our dues low ($10.00/year).

Our Mission:

"The West Concord Green Thumbs' purpose is to improve, create and maintain selected public gardens within the center of West Concord, to select and fund the hanging flower baskets for the center, and to promote new ways to enhance the beauty of West Concord gardens."
We always welcome new members.

There are only 4 meetings per year, and a typical meeting starts with a social half hour with refreshments, before the meeting which typically runs for an hour. There may be speakers at the meetings, which will be announced beforehand.

Town Beautification:
During the growing season we maintain five public gardens for West Concord: the Fowler Library sidewalk garden; the Junction Park Garden; the triangle at Crest St. and Old Bridge St.; Mandrioli Mini Park; and the Kenny Dunn Square. We frequently work with Town organizations such as the Concord Public Works Department, the Council on Aging, and the Fowler Branch Library.