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Re-Do of Junction Park's Sidewalk Extension

posted Oct 25, 2018, 10:27 AM by Web Master
Dorrie Kehoe, Coordinator of the Junction Park Garden Oversight Team, reports that the State Department of Transportation will re-do the sidewalk extension next to Junction Park by the end of October, 2018. A letter to the Concord Public Works from Dorrie's Junction Park 6 member Oversight Team alerted them to the dangers of the too-extreme newly installed curve, the exposed pedestrian sidewalk and the misaligned traffic lights. Since that intersection is heavily traveled by cars, trucks, future Rail Trail cyclists and pedestrians, the Town held a meeting for West Concord residents and small business owners to gather perspectives,and the State agreed to rapidly redo the curve and the sidewalk construction.  We are so glad to be part of a Town government that listens, cares about the safety of West Concord Center, and reconsiders.