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Tom Strangfeld Landscaping Lecture

posted Sep 14, 2013, 6:30 PM by Martha Owen   [ updated Sep 14, 2013, 6:30 PM by Janice Ward ]
Come be entertained and educated by the eminent landscaper Tom Strangfeld Tuesday, September 24th at the Harvey Wheeler auditorium.  Our business meeting will start at 6:45 and the lecture will start at 7:30.
Everyone is encouraged to attend - Tom is a wonderful speaker as attested to in the Boston Globe, Aug 6th article. 
Here is an excerpt from the Globe article:
"...He has planted trees in Boston’s Public Garden, and appeared on the PBS series “This Old House.” He installed a landscape, complete with a cave, for Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. He designed and built the garden at the Concord grave site of gardening guru and TV star James Crockett. He has lectured at the Arnold Arboretum and Radcliffe Seminars, and is a former president of the Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association, an industry trade group. He has taken top prize — five times — for his exhibits at the New England Spring Flower Show.

“Tom is one of the top five landscapers and horticulturalists in the state, absolutely,” according to Jim McManus a manager of that event, now the Boston Flower & Garden Show.

Yet for as long as he can remember, Strangfeld has wanted to reach out to people directly in their homes, to avoid what he sees as the “repetitious and soulless and boring” landscaping he believes is common in many suburban yards.

He has an encyclopedic knowledge of plants. He’s a natural teacher who sees lessons in every bud and blossom, enjoys telling stories, and has very strong opinions, not all of them about flowers. "