WCGT Baskets and Woods Hill Table Window Boxes brighten up West Concord - Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Best Cookies Ever!!!
Baked by Green Thumbs member Bobbie Brennen

Winners of Spring Raffle at March meeting

Kathy Kobos (left), Cosette Dunn and Dorrie Kehoe have installed --lighted!!--
seasonal arrangements in the planters at Junction Park. A first for the Green
Thumbs -- and a very welcome addition to this vibrant public space.   

Our 2018-2019  leaders, President Caroline McCloy, left, and Vice-President Cosette Dunn

The Happy Gardeners

West Concord Green Thumbs, the volunteer organization which designs, plants, and maintains five public space gardens and brings in 45 Hanging Baskets for West Concord’s Commonwealth Avenue each summer, invites you to participate. If you’d like to  join the West Concord Green Thumbs, follow this link to more information: Join Us.  You don’t need to be a gardening expert to join because we all have lots to learn and lots to share. You may join any time during the year.  We will be delighted to welcome you.

Wear a Green Thumb's visor while gardening. Available for sale, contact Patricia Kent. Also available are caps and t-shirts with our name, Green Thumbs of West Concord.

2019 Memorial Day gathering at Kenny Dunn

Nancy Crowley helped install the Green Thumbs holiday decoration at the West Concord Fire Station. The wreath above it that coordinates so well was installed by the Garden Club of Concord.

Fowler Library Walkway